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when did sex start to mean everything? when did everything else in the world go to hell and the only thing that mattered was fulfilling sexual desires? i'll never understand. i mean ok, humans truly have two purposes, reproduce and die, fine. but what happened to people just being happy having snowball fights? or playing tag? ok, fine, those are lame examples, but what the fuck happened to living life? when did every decision you make HAVE to revovle around sexual benefit? i mean, i can't say i'm not a victim of this. i've made conscious changes to avoid being further sucked into this hole that is sex, and it's working quite well, but like, what the fuck? when did people start getting judged on how far they were willing to go? or how far they had been? when did people start to care about who hooked up with who and when and where and if they were sober and what they did? what the fuck ever happened to innocence? i mean, sometimes when i hear people's conversations i'm nothing short of disgusted. then i think of shit under my own belt, and i'm like damn. i feel like such a hypocrite, but at the same time, i'm not what i once was. but i guess that's why my thoughts disturb me so much. the things i seem to wonder about either seem so insignificant or plainly, wrong.
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