i'm not your star

isn't that what you said?

does anyone else feel like me?
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This is a community about nothing inparticular. We talk about generally anything with generally everyone. You have posting access once joined above, but anything unjust and unfit and rude/intolerable will give me means to ban you. Please follow rules.

You may post about age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, basically anything and everything. But like I said above, watch what you say. You might not know the people in here, and something you say may offend someone.

heartsxspades Nikki
blkxmrktxprozac James
kinkyxkitty Jenny
For personal/community conflict, contact Nikki. For layout help/advice/personal help, contact Jenny. For anything else, contact James.

We do not bite, feel free to contact us about anything. We are also available to make/be friends. Want a friend? Add any of us, we like to comment. :D

InTolerable Mentions:
-TyPiNg LyKe DiS
-Acting as if youre better than everyone else
-Not commenting
-Anything listed in the list of the things that you can possibly be banned for.

We love you! Join! Please! :grovels: :D
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